How Wanchai Ferry got its start

Delicious dumplings sold from a cart proved hard for the people of Hong Kong to resist.
wanchai ferry

Finding her way, with a food cart

The Wanchai Ferry brand had about as humble a beginning as you can get.

It was 1978, and Zang Jianhe had left a bad marriage in her hometown in northern China and moved to Hong Kong where she and her young daughters faced an uncertain future.

She was working three jobs every day and making it all work – until she fell and broke her back.

“I climbed out of bed after 13 days because all the time I was thinking, I have no job, no work I could do anymore with my broken back. What am I going to do? I’m going to starve to death,” she says.

One of her friends suggested that she sell her delicious dumplings. And that’s exactly what Zang did.

But it wasn’t easy.